It’s January, and I’ve agreed to trying a year of creative pursuits. An accountable year at that.

So, I’m going to keep track of it here.

My goals for the year:

1 short story submitted each month – That’s 12 submissions this year.

My short novel CBE will be submitted to a publisher. No more editing. This I avow.

I will get someone to give a first read to the piece I keep thinking I need to change before I do anything more.

Finish a chapter a week on TBM. Currently on Chapter 16, though I’m thinking I need to double the size of Chapter 15. That’s what editing is for.

Research and prep for my 1919 based “superhero” novel.

That shouldn’t be much at all, right? *winks* I’m just going to go ahead and get that first submission out of the way.

What are you up to this year?