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So February was pretty much a wash for me. I didn’t hit any of my goals. I’m going to blame being sick for this one. *Nods firmly* And having just too much to do and not nearly enough days in the month. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

February was a family vacation, a trip to the urgent care, 1 show full of cookies the first week, and 1 show full of cookies in the last week. So, I totally misgauged how much time I had available for actually getting something done this year.

I’m fighting my way through my to do list today though. 🙂

Goals for the year:

  • 1 short story submitted each month – That’s 12 submissions this year. (2 done)
  • My short novel CBE will be submitted to a publisher. No more editing. This I avow.
  • I will get someone to give a first read to the piece I keep thinking I need to change before I do anything more. (Done. Got some good feedback and hashed out some technicalities. THANKS JB!)
  • Finish a chapter a week on TBM. Currently on Chapter 16, though I’m thinking I need to double the size of Chapter 15. That’s what editing is for.
  • Research and prep for my 1919 based “superhero” novel.

Goals for February:

  • Submit 1 short story. (I should do this as soon as I finish this post.)

Didn’t do this until the 3rd of March. But February’s short. So the 3rd’s not too far off the date of once a month right? *shifty eyes*

  • Start adding in the second POV on the piece that’s getting its first read.

So, yes, I did start this. I’m on the fourth chapter and it’s slotting in without much trouble. 

  • Finish 2 chapters of TBM.

Nope. Didn’t write a damned thing on TBM.

  • Research 1919-1930 period for the “superheroes.” There’s actually 2 stories being set in this time period in my head. So, I need more data.

Didn’t get anything done for this one. Not even costuming. Very sad. 

  • Finish the shawl I’m weaving for my friend’s B-day –

Hysterical laughter. Yeah, this didn’t happen. I didn’t even finish one length. I did manage to get more yarn for it, but that’s not finished. 

Goals for March:

  • Okay, I’ve still got a month before my friend’s birthday, so I’m going to try to finish up the shawl. (While listening to Nightvale.)
  • Research 1919-1930 period for “superheroes” and the crime/romance.
  • Finish 2 chapters of TBM
  • Submit 1 short story
  • Finish adding the second POV to S&S
  • Create the submission packet for CBE.