So, the thing about actually submitting stories? You have to find places to submit them.

The rule I was taught by some professional writer somewhere, I’m going out on a limb and saying that it was either Heinlein or Bradbury, since I tend to listen to advice from authors I actually read, is to set up a list with the highest paying market on the top and then work your way down.

Then, again, the number of magazines that actually pay right now? All of them are my pie in the skies. I’m starting with them, just on the off-chance that the editor likes them.

But after Ellery Queen, where do you pitch mysteries and noir?

After Science Fiction and Fantasy where do I pitch fantasy?

After Cemetery Moon where does my horror go?

Well, that’s the rub. I hit up the places I know. The books I read. And then… then, I spend a lot of time hunting through the Writer’s Marketplace. I sort of wish that I could use the same highlighter technique I used in the print version on-line, but it doesn’t work that way. I might have to break down and buy a copy. If they’re still actually making dead wood versions.

Then, after I get my list, I have to visit the site for the publisher to make sure 1) they’re still publishing 2) the editor hasn’t changed 3) the actual submission guidelines. (Which are not exactly what shows up in Writer’s Market. I mean this. Do not be fooled.)

So, yeah! I have a submission in for this month. So, I’ve actually hit this month’s goal.

But boo, because now I have to start all over for the next story to go out next month because I’ve not been a good girl and set up my lists yet. *sighs*

If I wrote good solid mainstream fiction short stories would this be an issue?

WELL DUH. YES. Because good solid mainstream fiction sells really well to lit journals who pay you in copies and reputation.

Okay, okay, I guess this is enough words on whining about something that everyone already knows about.