Okay, so March whipped by like a carousel on high-speed. Everything is a blur of color and getting things done and not.

I started one new huge project for charity. At least I have help on it.

I started a writing challenge for flash fiction. Still going strong, but I plan to have a post a day (or two, depending on my stamina.)

Let’s look at what I thought I was going to do.

Goals for the year:

  • 1 short story submitted each month – That’s 12 submissions this year. (4 done)
  • My short novel CBE will be submitted to a publisher. No more editing. This I avow.
  • Finish a chapter a week on TBM. Currently on Chapter 16, though I’m thinking I need to double the size of Chapter 15. That’s what editing is for.
  • Research and prep for my 1919 based “superhero” novel for November.

Goals for March:

  • Okay, I’ve still got a month before my friend’s birthday, so I’m going to try to finish up the shawl. (While listening to Nightvale.) – *snorts* I don’t have any idea why I think I’ll get this finished this year. It’s a very tight weave and rather large. (Um, I should add a picture here.) 

    For scale - that's a VHS tape sitting on it.

    For scale – that’s a VHS tape sitting on it.

  • Research 1919-1930 period for “superheroes” and the crime/romance. – Not done yet, but I have got some stats on automatic machine guns from the era and bullet-proof vests. And there’s the Trinity project. And a few things that developed right before WWII which could work in my favor.
  • Finish 2 chapters of TBM – Nope. Didn’t happen. She’s standing outside the door now, but that’s not exactly a chapter. 
  • Submit 1 short story DID IT!
  • Finish adding the second POV to S&S – Nope. I’m on the fourth chapter at least.
  • Create the submission packet for CBE. – Not done either. 

Goals for April:

  • Continue my 1919-1930 research. Actually write some of it down.
  • Find four sources for my tea brick book.
  • Finish 1 chapter of TBM
  • Submit 1 short story
  • Continue to write one flash fiction per day.
  • Create the submission packet of CBE.
  • Continue to pester my friends to reach their goals for the month. So we all succeed or fail together.