I just love Virginia in the summer.

I don’t even know how to indicate that the above is sarcasm. Just telling you really isn’t enough. 

Virginia summer is humid enough to swim in, hot enough that you can bake cookies in the car, and long enough that I consistently worry about the plants in the garden. 

Today, I had the wonderful experience of hauling my but up to the County Courthouse (don’t worry, it’s for a *good* thing) from the parking garage which feels as though it’s located in a different county. At the very least in the summer heat it does. You could feel the leak of AC from the held-open door about half a block down. 

The County Courthouse has a TSA level security area without the pornoscanners. I was a good girl and remembered to leave my Swiss Army Knife in the car. I even took out my e-reader so that the poor X-ray tech wouldn’t freak. But, after a thorough pawing of my purse…

They held onto my spork. 

Yeah, it’s a titanium spork and it rocks. But it’s got sharp pointy bits and is made of metal, so I had to check it at the door. (I carry reusable utensils with me because I have fits of environmentalism.) 

Because I’m obviously going to spork someone. 

It’s a legit weapon… now that they’ve triggered me into thinking about it. I’m sure I could be motivated enough to do some damage. 

I say that it’s the knitters the rest of us have to be wary of though, they’ve always got weapons on them.