So, June was… really busy, but my focus turned into an entirely new direction.

That being said: Golden Fleece Press is looking for submissions. Their guidelines can be found here.

I’m publishing my first book with them.

So, yeah, a little bit of news. Signed a contract for CBE. More details will follow. Let’s just say that GFP and CBE are taking up a bit of my time now. Received another “no thanks” letter for a short story. Goals for the year:

  • 1 short story submitted each month – That’s 12 submissions this year. (7 done)
  • My short novel CBE will be submitted to a publisher.  (CONTRACT SIGNED!)
  • Finish a chapter a week on TBM. Currently on Chapter 16, though I’m thinking I need to double the size of Chapter 15. That’s what editing is for. (That’s a big old nope.)
  • Research and prep for my 1919 based “superhero” novel for November. (Not a darn thing on this one.)

Goals for June:

  • Continue 1919-1930 research. Finish up some short blog posts on it over on http://kateressman.com (didn’t happen.)
  • Find four sources for my tea brick book. (also did not happen.)
  • Start writing TCC to get it out of my head and onto metaphorical paper. (didn’t do that either. Maybe next month)
  • Write 1 short story. (that’s a no)
  • Submit 1 short story. (Also, did not happen.)
  • Continue to write flash fiction 3 times a week. (Nope. Not this either.)
  • Do the CBE edits and get the book back into beta. (Last edit in process. Under contract.)
  • Continue to pester my friends to reach their goals for the month. So we all succeed or fail together. (Didn’t do this much either.)
  • Meet with my new business partner to hash out a partnership agreement and other details. (Done and started.)
  • Successfully hold an actual party for people. It’s a shopping party, but hey, better than not doing it. (Done!)

Goals for July:

  • Final turn in for CBE.
  • Write 1 short story.
  • Submit short story.
  • Write flash fiction 3 times a week.
  • Write TCC.
  • Blog regularly.