Yeah, I’m participating in Camp Nano.

Camp Nano is supposed to be Nano-lite. You just get as much done as you choose to. You set your own goals, all that jazz.

For me? I always treat it like the real deal and try to hammer out 50K.

Will I actually be able to do that? To focus on a project that’s not business related right now? That’s an entirely different question.

It’s like ball lightening rather than a quick strike. Two different creatures with one basic creative well underneath. Oh, people will tell you that creating stories is completely different from creating a business.

They’re wrong.

But that doesn’t mean that the well is finite. No, the more you pull on the well, the deeper you get to go. And the deeper you go, the better all of your creations become.

So, I began a highish fantasy type novel last night and I’m going to fight with it the rest of the month. And I thought this month would be a caper-fic. I’m so silly.