Well, I’ve certainly dropped the ball on this haven’t I?

Let’s see where I am on my goals.

Goals for the year:

  • 1 short story submitted each month – That’s 12 submissions this year. (7 done)
  • Finish a chapter a week on TBM. Currently on Chapter 16, though I’m thinking I need to double the size of Chapter 15. That’s what editing is for. (That’s a big old nope.)
  • Research and prep for my 1919 based “superhero” novel for November. (Not a darn thing on this one. Not only that, but I didn’t even work on that superhero novel. I worked on a completely different one that is due end of next year.)\

    Goals for September

  • Write 1 short story (No)
  • Write flash fiction 1 time per week (NOPE)
  • Get to chapter 16 of TCC (Erm…nope. I’m on 14)
  • Get to chapter 17 on TBM (Haven’t even opened the file this month)
  • Comment regularly on blogs and twitter (blogs OK. twitter, not so much.)
  • Blog regularly – defined as at least one post a week on each blog for the month.
  • Start Marketing for CBE (Doing this. Hand-selling, blogging and all)
  • Edit TCOA for GPF (Not done yet. This week. Promise.)
  • Edit FOWYA for GPF (Working on the 2nd edit on this now.)
  • Promote Halloween Tales Vol. 1 (done)
  • Have a successful Big Flea (done)
  • Hit the Whole Shebang and double profits from last time (HA. nope. Not going back.)
  • Make the Book Lover’s Bazaar a hit and line up the roster for next year. (It worked, but good lord, it nearly killed us.)