I’m going to try this whole Year of Creative Pursuits goal setting again this year. I’m trying to make my goals very clearly defined and broken up into easy chunks for measurability and also my own peace of mind. I don’t have to break them up by months, I’m just going to keep goals for the entire year and add and subtract as necessary.

Goal: Finish 4 Books this year:

  • TCC
  • TBM
  • ADM
  • Untitled

Goal: Finish 12 Short Stories this year:

Goal: Edit S&S for turn-in in January

Goal: Earn enough outside of my day job to be able to support a brick and mortar location for IGB next year.

Goal: Decrease the clutter in my office and life by selling at least 1 item per month. (12 items total)

Goal: Put my art out as well as my writing by selling items on Etsy. (At least 6 items)

Goal: Finish the stuffed cupcake.

Goal: Write 1 flash fiction piece for this blog each month (12 total).

Goal: Set up Patreon

Goal: Check in monthly on goals (make them more granular as necessary)