Wow. That was a wonderfully descriptive title wasn’t it? Anyway, let’s review the goals as they stand for the year:

Goal: Finish 4 Books this year:

    • TCC
    • TBM
    • ADM
    • Untitled S&S Book 2

Goal: Finish 12 Short Stories this year:

  • JH
  • HHI
  • CN
  • UB

Goal: Edit S&S for turn-in in January  DONE! (In Feb. granted, but done, none the less.)

Goal: Earn enough outside of my day job to be able to support a brick and mortar location for IGB next year.

Goal: Decrease the clutter in my office and life by selling at least 1 item per month. (12 items total)

Goal: Put my art out as well as my writing by selling items on Etsy. (At least 6 items)

Goal: Finish the stuffed cupcake. — I’m about half-way through the top. Just have to finish that and the stitching on the base. Then, I can sew it all together and stuff it. Maybe in time for awesomecon? Who knows. 

Goal: Write 1 flash fiction piece for this blog each month (12 total).  Wow. a month behind on this one already. 

Goal: Set up Patreon — Set up the account. Now, I just have to come up with rewards and goals. That will be this month’s job, I think. 

Goal: Check in monthly on goals (make them more granular as necessary) — Hey, 1 month down! 

I’m getting there. Slowly, like turning a barge or a cruise ship. But every goal down is one more step to my larger goals. 🙂 

See you on the flip side!