This is my obligatory March goals post. Not necessarily illuminating, because I rarely share my actual brain’s twistings, but at least I can keep track of something.

Goal: Finish 4 Books this year:

    • TCC
    • TBM
    • ADM
    • Untitled S&S Book 2

Goal: Finish 12 Short Stories this year:

  • JH
  • HHI
  • CN
  • UB

Goal: Finish the second edits of S&S for turn in… oh last weekend. So, have to jump on this one.

Goal: Earn enough outside of my day job to be able to support a brick and mortar location for IGB next year. — Not yet, my loves, but I’m working on it. 

Goal: Decrease the clutter in my office and life by selling at least 1 item per month. (12 items total) — Sold a scarf. So now, 11 more items to go.

Goal: Put my art out as well as my writing by selling items on Etsy. (At least 6 items) — Finished 2 small canvases, but I haven’t listed them yet. 

Goal: Finish the stuffed cupcake. — Getting close to finishing the top. However, I seem to have miscounted, so I’ll be fixing it as I finish up. Then, I need to cross-stitch the bottom half. Before sewing it up. 

Goal: Write 1 flash fiction piece for this blog each month (12 total).  — Two months behind on this one. 

Goal: Set up Patreon — So, the account is set up, but I haven’t created the levels yet. It would help if I were more consistent in posting content/creating for it. 

Goal: Check in monthly on goals (make them more granular as necessary) —2 months down! 10 to go. 

Goal: Comment regularly on the blogs which I read. Not just my friends’ blogs either. — New Goal this month. 

So, it’s been a bit of a long month already. Did a little bit of business coaching. Determined the appropriate sacrifices to the weather elemental I seem to have pissed off about fifteen years ago. Finished two canvases and most of a third. I have managed to actually get things listed on ebay and on some Facebook groups. And I have focussing very closely on finishing at least one thing on my to do list a day. (One really would be surprised how much one gets done at one thing a day. From small steps to great journeys grow, or some such stupidity like that.)