It’s time to celebrate with fireworks, pomp, and parade. Let the cannons ring and the flags fly high. It’s JULY!

And summer food like corn and green beans. Fresh veg and the starting of fruit season. Lemonade from lemons and sugar only. And grilling out on the brand new grill.

Let’s look at what I’ve gotten done on those little goals, yeah?

Goal: Finish 4 Books this year:

    • TCC
    • TBM
    • ADM
    • S&S Book 2 <– This year’s 3day novel
    • AKWNS ? <– Nano?

Goal: Finish 12 Short Stories this year:

  • JH
  • HHI
  • CN
  • UB
  • TTOS

Goal: Earn enough outside of my day job to be able to support a brick and mortar location for IGB next year. — Not yet, my loves, but I’m working on it. 

Goal: Decrease the clutter in my office and life by selling at least 1 2 item per month. (12 24 items total) — Sold 2 ornaments, 1 manga, 1 book (current total 14). I may need to up this to a goal of 36/yr.

Goal: Put my art out as well as my writing by selling items on Etsy. (At least 6 items) — Finished 4 small canvases, but I haven’t listed them yet. *winces* I need to get on this one. It’s all down hill from here.

Goal: Finish the stuffed cupcake. — Haven’t touched it this month.

Goal: Write 1 flash fiction piece for this blog each month (12 total).  SIX months behind on this one. 

Goal: Set up Patreon — I need to hit this one quickly before I drop out of “creator” status again.

Goal: Check in monthly on goals (make them more granular as necessary) —6 months down! 6 to go. Half a year. Go me!

Goal: Comment regularly on the blogs which I read. Not just my friends’ blogs either. — I’ve made a point of commenting on my friends’ blogs, but I haven’t managed to start commenting the blogs of people I don’t know regularly. I get some strange form of performance anxiety when it comes to commenting on blogs of people I don’t know. It seems that commenting on an author’s blog on Goodreads may even trigger Amazon to remove your recommendations/reviews from a book. Which means that Amazon has done another bone-headed thing which keeps me on boycott. (Buying. I’ll sell. I will not tell anyone where to spend their money.)

NEW Goal: Hit all the deadlines for the business.