Well, at least you can find all of the goal posts?

It’s almost the end of the year. I am *SO* far behind. It isn’t funny.

Goal: Finish 4 Books this year:
◾S&S Book 2 <– Not yet, but I’m still moving forward.

Goal: Finish 12 Short Stories this year:

Goal: Earn enough outside of my day job to be able to support a brick and mortar location for IGB next year. — Not yet, my loves, but I’m working on it. Have a nibble on a possible location though, so it might be sooner than we think.

Goal: Decrease the clutter in my office and life by selling at least 3 item per month. (36 items total) — 1 book, 2 Precious Moments, 1 tee (minus one return) (current total 26).

Goal: Put my art out as well as my writing by selling items on Etsy. (At least 6 items) — Finished 4 small canvases, but I haven’t listed them yet. *winces* I need to get on this one. It’s all down hill from here.

Goal: Finish the stuffed cupcake. — Nothing. I’ve done nothing.

Goal: Write 1 flash fiction piece for this blog each month (12 total). — TEN months behind on this one.

Goal: Set up Patreon — I need to hit this one quickly before I drop out of “creator” status again.

Goal: Check in monthly on goals (make them more granular as necessary) — 11 months down! 1 to go! Isn’t that a perfectly terrifying thought.

Goal: Comment regularly on the blogs which I read. Not just my friends’ blogs either. — Actually commented on 1 blogs which is not created by my friends. Getting slightly easier.

Goal: Hit all the deadlines for the business. — I don’t think I’ve missed any yet…

Goal: Finish the Waterhouse x-stitch. This will probably spill over to next year too. — Working on the carpet right now. I’m trying to do at least one strand of stitching a night.

Goal: Write 50,000 words in November. –*winks* Join me for NANOWRIMO!